do You know that
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exists for you to do the same. For you are mbt shoes God, doing this.
I choose to re-create Myself anew in every single moment. I choose to experience the grandest version of the greatest vision ever I had about Who I Am. I have created you, so that you might re-create Me. This is Our holy work. This is Our greatest joy. This is Our very rea-son for being.
Part 3 Chapter 16
I am filled with awe and jordan heels reverence at the reading of those words. Thank You for being here with me in this way. Thank You for being here with all of us.
You are welcome. Thank you for being here for Me.
I have just a few remaining questions, some having to do with those “evolved beings,” and then I will allow myself to fin-ish this dialogue.
My Beloved, you will never finish this mbt shoes clearance dialogue, nor will you ever have to. Your conversation with God will go on forever. And, now that you are actively engaged in it, that conversation will soon lead to friendship. All good conversations eventually lead to friendship, and soon your conversation with Cod will produce a Friend-ship with God.
I feel that. I feel that we’ve actually become friends.
And, as happens in all relationships, that Louis Vuitton bags outlet friendship, if it is nurtured, kindled, and allowed to grow, will pro-duce, at last, a sense of communion. You will feel and experience your Self as being in Communion with God.
This will be a Holy Communion, for then We will speak as One.
And so this dialogue will continue?
Yes, always.
And I won’t have to say goodbye at the end of this book?
You never have to say Chanel bags goodbye. You only have to say hello.
You’re marvelous, do You know that? You’re simply marvelous.
And so are you, My son. And so are you.
As are all My children, everywhere.
Do You have children “everywhere”?
Of course.
No, I mean literally, everywhere. Is there life on other plan-ets? Are Your children elsewhere in the universe?
Again, of course.

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Dit onderwerp is gesloten. Het plaatsen of bewerken van berichten is niet mogelijk